The PTA Man: Now Available!!!


I am extremely proud and thrilled to announce that my first complete book, The PTA Man, is now available for purchase online!  You can view the first 20% of the book for free, and then hopefully you will make the choice to purchase the rest.  Please visit:  Smashwords ( for a copy of the book, for only 2.99 [minus coupon discount].  The book is available in 9 different ebook formats including Kindle, Nook, iPad, Palm and a few others.

Within the next week, the book should also be available through major retailers online including and Barnes & Noble.  Currently, the book cover is being worked on by a graphic designer–once it’s complete, the book will be “official” and can head out on the open market.  Right now I am relying solely on my own marketing and “word of mouth” to get the book out there, which means I would greatly appreciate any support in sharing word of my book with others.

Heads up everyone:  this book contains ADULT content.  It is steamy, naughty, and to some, dark and disturbing. But I’ve been told that it’s filled with edge-of-your-seat suspense, and that the reader won’t want to put it down.  I think that if you give it a chance–risk free since you can read the first 20% for free (even on your computer, for convenience or boredom at work)–you will love it.

Please feel free to come here and post any comments, questions or suggestions!


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