Reviews of The PTA Man


Below are several reviews I have received from readers through the website:

“Girl, you can certainly write…Your ability to engage the reader is strong and unique.  [This book is] very edgy and gritty–a grown-up read.  Superb and talented lady.”

“I’ve flown through the first four chapters, and I have to say this is riveting stuff. Each chapter builds the story and characters beautifully. Chapter 1 was an excellent introduction… Vivia’s narrative is superb; she’s a fairly ordinary woman with an ordinary family, and she wants the things we all secretly crave. I also enjoyed Vivia’s philosophizing about life; which really brought me deep into her character.  Chapter 4. Well, what can I say about this? Firstly, I want to thank you for almost giving me the first erection since Reagan and Thatcher were getting it on! This is simply brilliant writing, and the intensity just never lets up.”

“Eroticism only works if the groundwork is thoroughly and meticulously laid, and you’ve done that…The sex itself was wonderfully described.”

“This is fantastic writing…I raise my English bowler hat and give you my full admiration. Authonomy is full of tedious reads, and this is one of the very few that actually proves an unforced pleasure, rather than a forced chore.”

“A whip-cracking read.”

“Just finished the book.  I couldn’t put it down.  My heart raced at the right moments.  Do I hear Lifetime movie?”

“This is a real rollercoaster of a thriller, packed with dramatic scenes that pull no punches.  Edgy stuff.”

“While it’s not my sort of genre, I have nothing to offer but praise.”

“This is not a book I would choose to read, but it is a book you cannot ignore.”


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  1. Riveting rollercoaster, E. Stein. The way you layered the story at each page is a what a reader wants in a book – to be lured.

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