Favorite Books List


I’ve been trying to keep a list over the years of my favorite books.  I can also check my shelves for the books that have remained, in lieu of being traded in or given away.  I’d like to share my list here, but am hoping that all of you out there can contribute some of your favorite reads!  Send or post them as a comment.

1.  Death Be Not Proud

          *a great classic, no explanation needed

2.  The Lovely Bones:  Alice Seabold

          *Alice Seabold is one of my favorite authors.  I think she is a gifted writer.

3.  I Know this Much Is True:  Wally Lamb

          *the story of twins, one of whom is diagnosed with schizophrenia and the other remains to struggle with understanding and dealing with this diagnosis

4.  The Interpretation of Murder

          *a historical fiction novel about Freud, Jung, a patient they share, and Freud’s journey to the US

5.  The Dogs of Babel

6.  The Harry Potter series

7.  the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella

8.  False Memory: Dean Koontz

9.  Eat Me (yes, this is the book name, I’m not telling you off!)

10.  The Clan of the Cave Bear series by Jane Auel



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  1. I think you might like – In This Way I Was Saved by Brian DeLeeuw. A story about a boy who has an imaginary friend, or so you think. The imaginary friend lingers much longer than typical milestones would allow and eventually engulfs the boy, rather young man into a warped sense of self.

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