News and Updates for this week (6-25-12)


I am excited to share that The PTA Man has continued to get excellent reviews on Amazon and Smashwords!  I hope that everyone who enjoys the book will pass its name on to someone else to continue getting word of the book out there.  I thank all of you for your support.  I did get a note that someone found a few errors in the book–if anyone does, please feel free to let me know and I will correct them.  This is a self-published book and thus not professionally proofread.

I am also working on scheduling 2 upcoming author events, one in Palmerton PA (at their public library) and one in Philadelphia PA (which will be a private, invitation only event).  As soon as I have the dates set, I will let everyone know.

Some people have commented in their reviews that they look forward to reading more of my writing.  I do have a few other books in the works, and many more ideas I hope to work on when I have the time.  Right now there is a partial book entitled The Range of Normalcy posted on, but I will post it up here as well.  Additionally, this week I will also post up excerpts of other books I am working on.  All of the feedback I get helps motivate me to keep writing, so I can get these books done and out there to share with everyone!




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