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Book Review of the Week (7-23-12)


Today I’m posting a review for a book which isn’t the type I usually read.  While I’m really into the sci-fi ghost shows on TV, I don’t tend to read sci-fi books or books that are too fantastical to believe.  I confess to actually listening to this book on tape on my long commute, which is what made the difference of me giving this genre a whirl.  The book is Haunted by Bentley Little.  It’s a story about a family who moves into a house they gradually begin to suspect is haunted.  The initial things that happen are slightly believeable (if you believe in ghosts), related to poltergeist activity, but then they become more fantastical (e.g. ghost can get into their minds and direct their thoughts such as making them hurt themselves).  They learn that there is more than just a recent history to what is making their home haunted.  Despite my skepticism about the whole bit, I found myself wanting to extend my commute so I could listen to more.  If you’re looking for a good ghost story, then this might be of interest to you.


Book Review of the Week (7-16-12)


I know I’m a bit behind the times here, but I finally got around to reading The Hunger Games triology by Suzanne Collins.  The first book was so good I had to run out to buy the second right away, Catching Fire and then the third, Mockingjay.  I also ran to the theater to see the movie the last weekend it was out.  Although I loved the books and was totally sucked into the amazing world Collins has created, I’m not sure I’d want my teen reading them!  They are very violent, full of complex emotions and things that could be upsetting or confusing to teens.  But, I guess I would have loved them when I was a teenager and I never liked when someone told me I couldn’t read something, so I can’t be too critical… So, I highly recommend this series to everyone.  You have to read them!

Grounds for becoming a groupie…


And now for a non-book related post!!!  Yup, bet you never saw it coming.  Went to the Emphatic, New Medicine and Halestorm concert over the weekend and it was AWESOME!  The members of Emphatic, whom I got to meet, were so personable!  (and of course, their music was great).  I had to share this pic two of the band members posed for.  I gave them my business card, so who knows, maybe they will even come to this website and see their pic.

Book of the Week (7-1-12)


I’ve been on a historical fiction run lately, as it’s becoming apparent with my last few book reviews.  I finished this one last week but didn’t get a chance to post the review up yet:  Accidents of Providence by Stacia Brown.  The book is set in 1600’s London and focused around an act made in an attempt to punish mother’s for infanticide.  However, the unfortunate thing about the law was that women were still punished if the infant’s death was “concealed” in any way, such as a woman burying a stillborn child.   The author pulls in rich historical information to support the fictional story.  A very well written and informative book.