Book Review of the Week (7-23-12)


Today I’m posting a review for a book which isn’t the type I usually read.  While I’m really into the sci-fi ghost shows on TV, I don’t tend to read sci-fi books or books that are too fantastical to believe.  I confess to actually listening to this book on tape on my long commute, which is what made the difference of me giving this genre a whirl.  The book is Haunted by Bentley Little.  It’s a story about a family who moves into a house they gradually begin to suspect is haunted.  The initial things that happen are slightly believeable (if you believe in ghosts), related to poltergeist activity, but then they become more fantastical (e.g. ghost can get into their minds and direct their thoughts such as making them hurt themselves).  They learn that there is more than just a recent history to what is making their home haunted.  Despite my skepticism about the whole bit, I found myself wanting to extend my commute so I could listen to more.  If you’re looking for a good ghost story, then this might be of interest to you.


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