Book Review of the Week (8-6-12)


Just finished another good historical fiction book, The Bride of New France by Suzanne Desrochers.  The story begins in Paris and detials the life of a young girl taken from her parents, who are felt to be unfit parents.  She is placed in a “hospital” or what we would think of as an orphanage, though at the time these facilities also housed sick and mentally ill women, as well as criminals and prostitutes.  It is the 1600’s and France is intent on building up “New France” in Canada so they send many of these ophans and poor women as wives for the men who have started to settle there.  The main character, Laure, is one of the women shipped there.  The story describes Canada as this wild, unknown place filled with “Savages” who will defile women and rip people’s hearts out.  The story is focused on the French-Canadians, but I would have still liked to learn more about the different Native American tribes that they interacted with.  Laure enters an ilicit relationship with one of the Algonquins; I wish she would have ended up leaving the white people to go join his tribe, but alas she does not.  This book was so engrossing that I raced through it in two days.


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