Update and News from Elise Stein


Yes, I’ve been a little behind on keeping up with this website.  There haven’t been as many book reviews posted.  The main reason for that is because I’m still working my way through The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series.  I’m about haflway through the last book in the series.  Some of it is slow reading.  The other reason is that I’ve been busy with other projects in my life.  Within the next 2 weeks, I’m hoping to open a shop on Etsy to sell some of my jewelry and other craft projects, along with some other crafty family members.  So when the shop is live I’ll make sure to post a link here. 

I’ve also been working hard on trying to finish another book for all of you to read.  Yes, there are many in the works, but the goal is to actually finish a second one!  And finally, I’ve been getting ready for the first book event which is coming up this weekend!  I’m very excited and I really hope to see many people there.  The next book event will be sometime in October or November (the date hasn’t been set yet) in Philadelphia.

Thanks to all of my readers and for your support


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