Book Reviews for the new year! 1-8-13


I just got done reading an amazing book.  I rushed through it’s 300+ pages and couldn’t put it down.  The Doula by Bridget Boland is a very well written, engrossing story.  The author weaves in topics like mother-daughter relationships, the miracle of birth, and factors that move one from the innocence of childhood into adulthood.  As someone who believes in natural birthing myself, I loved reading about natural births, and all of the birth stories that were told in this book (regardless as to the fact that they were fictional).  The author is a doula herself, so she writes these things from experience and firsthand knowledge.  Another highly recommended book!

Before starting this book, I read The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff.  This isn’t a book I would lightly recommend.  Rather, I’d say this is more for history buffs, specifically people who are really into geneology.  The author focuses intensely on a famous small-town family, tracing their roots back many generations and bringing up faux letters, secret notes, rumors and lots of other intricate detials.  This is done in the context of the main character’s quest to solve the mystery of who her biological father is, while answering other riddles about her family’s past.  This is another book where I had trouble liking and relating to the main character, who I found a bit whiny and dramatic.  She gets drunk while believing she’s pregnant, only to find out a period of time later that she was only suffering from pseudocyesis (false pregnancy).

Coming soon:  reviews for the new book The End of Your Life Book Club and a racy erotic novel I found at a book clearance sale!


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