Book Review–a new series to check out for ghost fans


book imageI just finished reading a book I happened upon by chance at the library.  It is one book in a series written by Victoria Laurie.  For those of you who are into ghost hunting, you would love it–if you can get past all the less believeable aspects of the book.  Laurie is writing a series she calls “ghost hunting mysteries.”  This particular novel was entitled What A Ghoul Wants.  The main character is a woman who travels around the world to haunted locations for ghost hunts, and while there seems to get involved in other mysterious events (kind of like Scooby Doo and team!).  This novel was set in a castle in Wales.  I mentioned earlier about getting past the less believeable parts.  First, you have to accept and/or tolerate the idea of psychics/mediums.  Second, you have to accept the idea that there are ghosts so powerful they can reach out and kill people (not exactly a concept proclaimed by TAPS Ghost Hunters team).  I just read this as a great, fun book.  I’m moving on now to more in the series!


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