Book Review


I’ve been trying and trying to force myself to keep reading this book…I tell myself “but maybe the ending is good,” or “don’t you want to know how it ends?” But it comes to a point where one has to decide: do I care enough about how this book ends to keep wasting my time reading it, when there are so many great books out there?  Finally, I decided that I was going to be done with it, despite reading over 200 pages.  This book that I’m referring to is Life Among Giants by Bill Roorbach.  First of all, he writes back and forth between different periods in the main characters life with no distinction between these periods–so the reader can’t figure out what time period the author is even talking about until reading several paragraphs (or more) in.  What is even more irksome about this lack of division is that he often ends a particular time period before you get to the (potential) good part, which you’ve been reading pages upon boring pages waiting to get to.  And I suppose that hits the nail on the head right there–the book is just sort of boring.  There isn’t a great plot, and the plot that is there isn’t really ever explained very well (e.g. the main character’s sister is finally, after probably 100+ pages, alluded to as being mentally ill but you’re never sure and don’t know exactly what is wrong with her…maybe she’s just eccentric?).  There’s a lot of ‘stuff’ about football and ballet which, personally speaking, I’m not into and so that bores me as well.  Well, I suppose I could go on.  But my point is, that I’m giving up on this one.  I decided this the other day and I’m already 100+ pages into a new book that was recommended on here by a friend: Oxygen.  And so far it’s great!


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