Book Review


Just got done reading Too Bright To Hear Too Loud To See, the first novel by author Juliann Garey.  I really liked this book, although you really have to read it in its entirety before you can fully appreciate and understand it.  This isn’t a spoiler as it’s made clear that the main character has Bipolar Disorder.  Initially, as you begin reading, you see him as a seemingly successful and well functioning man.  Then maybe you think–okay, he’s a little eccentric.  Then, well, maybe does impulsive things sometimes.  I love how the author does such an excellent job of portraying the tangential nature of his mind and his decompensation as the book progresses.  Even though the book constantly jumps time periods, it’s easy to follow because the sections are always clearly marked by date, and you begin to learn what the character’s life is generally like during that particular decade.

So, for those of you who like books related to mental illness or family dramas, I’d highly recommend this read.


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